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ZheJiang Xintong Electron Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise with a history of 15 years in the research, exploiting and production of PTC series of products.The PTC series of production are complete in specs with high technique index, good coherence and strong agingproof. Our products are widely used in more than 10 fields as following: household electrical appliance, medical electrical appliance, communication equipment, automobile electrical appliance etc. Annual product capacity of routine PTC heating unit reaches to 60 million pieces , 40 million pieces of PTC element for 10 million pieces of all specs of PTC element. Our company fully introduced ISO9001:2000 quality management system。 Since 15 years ago, our high quality products have been approved by business of its kind and our supporting factories. Since the policy of carrying out 3C authentication on some electrical appliance, our company has offered, our company has offered supporting fittings to over 10 factories and helped them pass the 3C authentication.


Address: No. 68, Xingchang Street, Yangliuhe Industrial Park, Yunhe County, Zhejiang Province Phone: 0086-578-5121348 5122547 5135350 Hot search words: PTC components, PTC new energy air-conditioning heaters, convection superconducting heaters, electric heaters