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Our company launched a patented product-strong convection super thermal electric heater

Issuing time:2017-07-12 16:45

Zhejiang Xintong Electronics Co., Ltd. grandly launched the domestic unique innovative concept patented product-strong convection super thermal conductivity electric heater-

Novel and unique, safe and convenient, double heat conduction, high efficiency and energy saving, the most ideal heating equipment in the southern winter

Five years of meticulous research and development, unique shape and structure design, unique heating method, multiple use functions, domestic original creation, national invention patent authorization, and national 3C safety certification.

● Lightweight aluminum alloy material is adopted as a whole, which speeds up heat conduction, reduces thermal inertia, and reduces overall weight.

● The four sides are designed as curved surfaces to increase the heat dissipation area.

● The heating rod directly heats the radiating pipe, without any heat transfer medium, does not generate pressure, and is safe and reliable.

● The heating source adopts the company's special high-tech product: temperature-sensitive ceramic heating element.

● Constant temperature, no open flame, odorless, soft heating and not drying, can automatically adjust power, safety, and long service life.

● The heating method is set in the middle of the radiating pipe, which increases the temperature of the convection gas and avoids the side surface temperature from being too high, and it works in silence and quietness

● The radiating pipes in the form of enclosed heating rods on all sides realize the dual heat dissipation effect of heat convection and heat radiation, and improve the utilization rate of heat energy.

● In the middle, heat is dissipated to the space in the form of natural strong heat convection, realizing the true "chimney" effect.

● The powerful hot air velocity can reach up to 12 m/min.

● The curved surfaces on both sides radiate heat to the surroundings in the form of heat radiation.

● Double heat conduction function, quickly dissipate heat to the room space, greatly improve the heating efficiency, and save electricity.

● Equipped with double switches, high, medium and low working power can be switched freely, which is convenient for operation.

● Application of thermistor heating to realize the independent temperature control of the electric heater, and double insurance with the temperature control switch.

● It can independently choose the working mode of single-core and dual-core heating.

● Ultra-thin shape, lightweight and dexterous structure.

● With the combination of the bottom bracket and the roller, the electric heater can be moved easily and placed stably; it can also be wall-mounted.

● The clothes drying device can be disassembled and assembled at will, which can dry clothes and bring convenience to life.

●Suitable for wide voltage, heat generation is not affected by voltage fluctuations.

Why is it said that superconducting electric heaters are a better choice for your home heating in winter?

1. Different heating material: The heating material of the super-conducting electric heater is a temperature-sensitive ceramic heating element that uses the company's special high-tech products to resist aging. It has rapid heating, constant temperature, no open flame generation, and power self-control ability, heating Soft, extremely safe to work, anti-aging and oxidation, and long service life. It is incomparable to the metal heating wire heating materials used in all kinds of traditional electric heaters.

2. Different heating methods: heating rods made of sensitive ceramic heating elements are placed upright in the middle of the radiating pipe, which makes the air in the pipe to be continuously heated in an 80 cm long channel, and the heat molecules of the air that generate pressure are accelerated The speed of overflow to the upper outlet of the radiating pipe is improved, and the heating efficiency of the superconducting electric heater is improved.

3. Unique radiating pipe structure: The superconducting electric heater is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a special-shaped curved tubular structure on four sides. A heating rod is set in a round hole in the middle of the radiating pipe. The curved surfaces are connected by tibial ribs, and the cold air in the cavity of the radiator tube generates a pressurized hot air flow to the top of the radiator tube under the action of the heating rod, and the cold air below the radiator tube is continuously replenished to the inner cavity of the radiator tube under the action of the siphon. , Such repeated formation of strong natural convection hot air. The heating method under this structure speeds up the flow rate of the hot air flow without producing noise, so that the super-conducting electric heater speeds up the heating speed, is quiet and comfortable, and saves electricity. Compared with traditional electric heaters, the heating efficiency is increased by 40% to 50%.

4. Different advantages: current heating equipment used in general households, such as commonly used air conditioners: although the heating speed is fast, there is strong hot air when working, which makes people dry and uncomfortable, and there is fan noise. Heating intermittently, the outdoor unit should be defrosted at intervals, and the heating effect is poor when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing; for example, the geothermal heating system that has emerged in recent years: Although it makes people feel comfortable after heating, the heating system investment cost Large, high use cost, extremely slow heating speed, high energy consumption, and difficult maintenance. In particular, the ground building materials that should not be heated are heated, so that some non-volatile substances in the building materials are volatilized, which is not good for human health. It is not easy to use flexibly when there is frequent alternating between cold and warm weather, and the heating system is difficult to repair; for example, the currently commonly used oil-cooled electric heater: heats the heat transfer oil through the electric heating tube to conduct heat to the iron plate to dissipate the heat, so the thermal inertia is large. The heating speed is slow, the thermal efficiency is low, the working temperature is high, and the pressure generated in the cavity where the heat transfer oil is installed is a safety hazard. Due to the unique process design and novel appearance structure, the superconducting electric heater maintains and strengthens the advantages of various heating equipment, discards many disadvantages, and can highlight its advantages in use.

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