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Super thermal convection electric heater passed the provincial new product appraisal

Issuing time:2017-07-22 16:47

In June 2017, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission organized experts to appraise the provincial-level industrial new products of the super thermal convection heater developed and produced by Zhejiang Xintong Electronics Co., Ltd. The expert group listened to the product trial production work and technical summary , Product testing, scientific and technological novelty search and user opinions and other reports. After inspecting the samples, they agreed that:

1. Provide appraisal materials that are basically complete, standardized, and meet appraisal requirements.

2. The product of the project optimizes the formula design and sintering process of the PTC heating element. The PTC heating element has good heating performance and long service life; the self-designed new structure of the heat dissipation tube with heat dissipation fins realizes strong natural convection of hot air. The product has innovations in structural design, and related technologies have applied for 1 invention patent and obtained 1 utility model patent, which is at the leading level of similar products in China.

3. The product has passed the compulsory product certification test of China Saibao Laboratory, and the measured indicators meet the requirements of relevant standards and product filing confirmation. After the user's use, the response is good, and it has obvious economic and social benefits.

4. The company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, and its production equipment, process tooling and testing methods can meet mass production requirements.

The appraisal group believed that the development of the product was successful and agreed to pass the appraisal.

For this reason, after five years of research and development, the super thermal convection electric heater developed and produced by our company has achieved complete success.

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