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Three characteristics of PTC一)

Issuing time:2017-07-22 16:58

Resistance-temperature characteristics

The resistance-temperature characteristic is referred to as the resistance-temperature characteristic for short, which refers to the corresponding relationship between the zero-power resistance value of the PTC resistor and the temperature of the resistor body under a specified voltage. The important parameters that characterize resistance-temperature characteristics are ①Rise-to-resistance ratio ②Temperature coefficient ③Difference between Tmax and Tmin (T=Tmax-Tmin). The smaller the T, the better the PTC characteristics; the PTC element with high lift-to-resistance ratio and large temperature coefficient will have a good automatic constant temperature effect when used as a heat source, and has good pressure resistance characteristics. According to this feature, it can be applied to sensors, temperature compensation, overheating and overcurrent protection.

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