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Insulated fan heater

Insulated fan heater


Patented product (Patent No.: ZL200620139656.2) This kind of heater is different from the traditional non-insulated heater, which further improves the safety and lifespan, and can be used in household appliances with higher requirements for safety, such as: air conditioners Dryers, clothes dryers and industrial drying equipment, etc. At the same time, compared with the general insulated fan heater, it retains its unique advantages and has a higher cost performance. Features: Since the heating element is insulated and isolated from the metal radiator, the safety of the device is improved. The use of aluminum radiator can ensure high power and low air pressure loss. Even if large air volume is used, power oscillation will not occur, and heat can be stabilized The voltage application range is wide, and it can be designed between 3V-380V according to needs. It can be designed according to the ambient temperature and air volume. It is easy to automatically adjust the heat generation. It can be designed from low power to high power without overheating, and it is safe and reliable.


●Due to the use of aluminum radiator, high power can be guaranteed, and the air pressure loss is small

●Even if large air volume is used, power oscillation will not occur, and heat can be stabilized

●Wide voltage application range can be designed as needed between 3V-380V

●Automatically adjust the calorific value according to the changes of ambient temperature and air volume

●Convenient design, can be designed arbitrarily from low power to high power

●No overheating, safe and reliable

Matters needing attention when using:

●The wind speed of 3-4m/s should be selected in the design

●The applied voltage should not exceed the maximum rated voltage

●The heat resistance of the material in contact with the heater should be considered when designing

●Do not use in places where there are dust, solvents, sulfide gas, steam, etc.

●In order to prevent cotton wool and other materials from blocking the air inlet, please install a dust filter at the air inlet

●The electrode terminal temperature rises when the heater is working, please fully consider the reliability of the wiring

●When working, do not touch the heater with your human body or metal pieces to avoid electric shock, burns or damage to the equipment

●Due to the thermal expansion of the heater during operation, there should be a gap of about 1mm between the heater and its installation support parts

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