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PTC constant temperature heating element (aluminum electrode)

PTC constant temperature heating element (aluminum electrode)


The PTC thermostatic heating element is a thermostatic electric heating element that uses the current-voltage characteristics of PTC to realize its self-control function. It can be used as a heater, dry cleaning machine, electric iron, air conditioner, car electric water bottle, car low temperature starter, electric kettle , Constant temperature heating source of electric heating appliances such as drinking fountains.


●No open flame during use, safe and reliable

●Automatic constant temperature heating, no overheating

●Fast heating speed, small size, can be used permanently

●With the environmental temperature change, the power self-adjustment is realized, and the energy-saving effect is obvious

●The requirements for current and voltage stability are not high, and the voltage application range is wide (2V-230V)

Matters needing attention when using:

●The applied voltage should not exceed the maximum rated voltage value

●PTC components should avoid contact with organic solvents and corrosive substances

●When using multiple PTCs at one time, please pay attention to parallel use, do not use in series

●When applying voltage to the PTC, the electronic components around the PTC and the fixed heat resistance should be considered

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